Gorilla License Plates

Any gift of $30 or more to Pittsburg State University qualifies you for a Gorilla License Plate. You must get your NEW plate within twelve months of your gift. You can also receive multiple plates based on the size of your gift divisible by $30. NEW plates can be applied for through the Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations, online or at the motor vehicle office. Gifts may still be made to the Alumni Legacy License Plate Scholarship Fund. It is easier and quicker than ever to get your plate so don't wait!

Plates are available in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. For more information, visit pittstate.edu/licenseplate


If you would like more information concerning the Gorilla License Plate, you can call toll-free 1-877-PSU-ALUM or 620-235-4758; or e-mail questions to alumni@pittstate.edu.


Apply Or Renew Online