Foundation members

PSU Foundation

The mission of the Pittsburg State University Foundation, Inc. is to maximize private gift support for Pittsburg State University, exercise proper management of Foundation assets, lay the groundwork for future fundraising success in support of the university's teaching, research, and service/civic engagement functions, and to develop and maintain positive relationships throughout the institution's broad range of constituencies.


To assist Pittsburg State University to further evolve from a great university to become a university of excellence by encouraging and facilitating philanthropy.


Foundation Trustees

Board of Trustees for Fiscal Year 2019

Mrs. Paula F. Baker

Mr. Christopher D. Medley

Mrs. Lynda D. Banwart

Mr. Daniel L. Mildfelt

Mrs. Martha E. Beezley

Mrs. Frances D. Mitchelson

Mrs. Sara S. Beezley Keller

Mr. Charles R. H. Myers

Mr. Paul R. Bergant

Mr. Mark T. Paden

Mrs. Jennifer A. Boren

Mrs. Melissa A. Paterni

Dr. Fay Bradley

Mr. William L. Phalen

Mrs. Debra L. Brock

Mrs. Janet K. Rexwinkle

Mrs. Mary Jennifer Brunetti

Mr. Miles E. Schnaer

Mr. H. Richard Coleman

Mr. Ronald L. Scripsick

Mrs. Betty L. Crossland

Mr. Steve W. Sloan

Mr. Reid E. Davison

Mr. Daniel C. Smith, Jr.

Mr. James S. Dawson

Dr. Wallace W. Souder

Mr. Joseph A. Dellasega

Mr. James D. Standen

Mrs. Vicki S. Dennett

Mrs. Cheryl L. Sullivan

Ms. Donna L. Dutcher

Dr. Laura E. Sullivan

Mr. Gordon W. Elliott

Mr. Guy E. Sutherland

Ms. Donna J. Geisler

Mr. Montie K. Taylor

Mr. Roger D. Gladden

Ms. Joyce A. Terbovich

Mr. Eric T. Grooms

Dr. Harold L. Thomas

Mrs. Edith M. Harvey

Mr. Gary E. Tredway

Mrs. DeAnn M. Hill

Mr. Fred Richard Van Pelt

Mr. Troy E. Hill

Ms. Glenna J. Wallace

Dr. Donald M. Holsinger

Mrs. C. Christine Ward

Mr. Charles L. Hosman

Mrs. Lynda S. Wilkinson

Mr. Ronald L. Marrone

Mr. Barry M. Williamson

Mrs. Dawn McNay

Dr. Talaat E. Yaghmour



Chair:  Ms. Donna J. Geisler
Vice Chair:  Mr. Troy Hill
President and CEO:  Ms. Kathleen Flannery
Treasurer:  Mrs. Vicki S. Dennett


Ex Officio Trustees

Mr. Douglas B. Ball
Mr. Jon A. Bartlow
Dr. Timothy R. Dawsey
Dr. Steven K. Erwin
Ms. Kathleen M. Flannery
Dr. Paul W. Grimes
Mr. Garth J. Herrmann
Mr. James R. Johnson
Ms. Rebecca E. May
Dr. Lynette Olson
Dr. Mary Carol Pomatto
Dr. Steven A. Scott
Dr. James E. Truelove