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Walker Vehicle Senior Design Project

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Six students majoring in Mechanical Engineering are taking on a brand new project for their senior capstone. They will be designing and building a walker vehicle. The team is responsible for the project from start to finish. The students will be constructing a walking linkage vehicle, the vehicle will walk similar to a spider. The Walker Vehicle will be designed with a drive system that will allow the Walker Vehicle to step up over obstacles up to 7" high, go up a 30 degree incline and tackle diverse terrains. The vehicle will be driven by power window motors found on automobiles, and controlled by a radio controller. The design will also include a mechanical arm that will enable the Walker Vehicle to be able to pick up and transport small objects such as a pop can. The students will be designing and building an obstacle course to test the capabilities of the Walker Vehicle after completion.

walker design

The raw materials will consist of delrin, aluminum, and steel rod. Window motors, gear belt sheaves, belts, batteries, bearings, controller, and various fasteners and electrical components will also be purchased. The group has estimated that $1,722 will be needed to build the project. The Walker Vehicle group has received a $500 grant from the PSU Graduate & Continuing Studies Office to contribute to the funding. They are now asking for support from alumni and friends to help raise the remaining $1,222. 

None of this would be possible without the financial support of alumni and friends of PSU. This year, we ask you to consider a financial gift to the Walker Vehicle. Simply click the “Give Now” button to process your gift!

We sincerely thank you.

How will your gift make an impact

Your gift will go toward purchasing the supplies and materials for the Walker Vehicle. Below is a breakdown of materials and all expenses.

Walker Budget

Motor & Drive Mechanism

$             399.41

Electronics & Controls

$             251.40

Power Source

$             196.98

Frame & Legs

$             463.08

Test Course

$             50.00


$             136.46


$         1,497.33

Total with 15% contingency

$         1,721.93

Project owners

Brock Skaggs, fskaggs@pittstate.edu 

Seth Bholken - seth.bohlken@gus.pittstate.edu
Avery Coronado - acoronado@gus.pittstate.edu
Gage Fox - gfox@gus.pittstate.edu
Thomas Prater - tprater@gus.pittstate.edu
Eric Schlange - eschlange@gus.pittstate.edu
Landon Stephens - lestephens@gus.pittstate.edu


PSU Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 4005
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7518

Gifts to the PSU Foundation are tax-deductible in the case that no goods or services have been provided. Your official receipt acknowledgement for tax purposes will be mailed to the address you provide. You may wish to consult with your tax advisor concerning the deductibility of your contribution.

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