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Senior Design is a capstone project required of all graduating seniors majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Electronics Engineering Technology. The class is intended to provide practical applications of the concepts that have been taught to students thus far. Each team has a project that requires two semesters to complete. The fall semester is the design portion, and the spring semester consists of manufacturing and assembly of the project.Rover drawing

Rover Team 1 has chosen to design and manufacture a rover to compete in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge. This competition will take place in Huntsville Alabama from March 31 – April 1, 2017 at the US space and Rocket Center.

The challenge for the team is to create a rover that is capable of traversing the simulated extraterrestrial terrain of the NASA course. Some obstacles include craters, asteroid impact sites, steep inclines, erosion beds, and sand dunes. There are also a number of rules NASA created in order to challenge students further. For example, the rover must collapse inside a 5'x5'x5' dimensioned footprint, the wheels must have no commercial components, and the rover must be human powered carrying two students, one female and one male, across the half-mile obstacle course.

None of this would be possible without the financial support of alumni and friends of PSU. This year, we ask you to consider a financial gift to the PSU Rover Team 1. Simply click the “Give Now” button to process your gift!

We sincerely thank you.

How will your gift make an impact

Your gift will go toward purchasing the supplies and materials for the Rover 1 and the travel expenses of the team in order to stay in Huntsville for the two-day competition. Below is a breakdown of materials and all expenses.

- 3/4" square tubing 0.083 wall thickness: 24' = $44.64
-1/2" square tubing: 18' = $26.16
-1.5"x3/4" square tubing: 3' = Supplied

-HDPE Plastic: 4'x4' sheet = $441.10
-1/4" Aluminum: 4'x8' sheet = $336.10

Drive Train
Single Speed Hub: (2) = $100.00
-Bicycle pedals: (2) sets = supplied
-#40 roller chain: 15ft = $68.10

-1" 0.083 wall round tubing: 12' = $13.20
-1/8" sheet steel: 4'x4' = $12.26

-1/4" flat strap 0.75" wide: 2' = $6.18
-1/4" 20 bolts: 100 = $42.84
-1/4" 20 lock nuts: 100 = $6.70
-3/8" 24 bolts: 20 = $12.80
-3/8" 24 lock nuts: 20 = $3.09
-5/8" 18 bolts: 20 = $23.56
-5/8" 18 lock nuts: = $13.16

Travel Expenses
Hotel: $800
Transportation: $500

Unforeseen Expenses

Project owners


Dr. Daniel Maxwell, dmaxwell@pittstate.edu


Sarah Williams, sarahawilliams@gus.pittstate.edu

Trent Morgan, thmorgan@gus.pittstate.edu

Jacob Waggoner, jtwaggoner@gus.pittstate.edu

Brandon Taylor, bctaylor@gus.pittstate.edu

Khaled Al Jarah, kaljarah@gus.pittstate.edu

Muteb Alsabr, malsabr@gus.pittstate.edu

Mohammed Alsarhan, malsarhan@gus.pittstate.edu


PSU Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 4005
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7518

Gifts to the PSU Foundation are tax-deductible in the case that no goods or services have been provided. Your official receipt acknowledgement for tax purposes will be mailed to the address you provide. You may wish to consult with your tax advisor concerning the deductibility of your contribution.

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