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Canoe Trailer Project

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The Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation (HHPR), offers undergraduate degree programs in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Recreation as well as an online graduate program in HHPR. 

As part of an emphasis, the department often utilizes canoes, by transporting them from PSU to the University Lake, and other lakes in the area to educate and expand the student’s skill development, knowledge and confidence of recreational canoeing. The students receive invaluable hands-on experience with canoes that they are able to apply to future careers. The current canoe trailer is approximately 30 years old, it is not effective in transporting the canoes from the storage location to the lake.

UPDATED Canoe Trailer

As a collaborative effort, HHPR students are working with Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology students to design and manufacture a new canoe trailer which will allow the transportation of six 17’ canoes, each weighing 60lbs. The canoe trailer will be the Engineering Technology students’ senior project. The goal of the new trailer is to provide ease for one person to safely transport canoes from the trailer to the drop off point. The new trailer will provide easy loading and unloading of the canoes. The trailer is designed to be lightweight, collapsible, with easy mobility. The students’ design allows the canoe trailer to easily handle a 9 degree incline and have arms that raise and lower on a cable and pulley system attached to a crank that would be used to lifting and lowering the arms. The safety, strength and stability of the trailer is of utmost importance. The trailer will be capable of road travel and Department of Transportation certified. The updated canoe trailer will provide HHPR students safe and easy transport of canoes for many years to come.

Updated Canoe Trailer Design

Updated Design Arms Folded Down

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Your gift will go toward purchasing the supplies and materials for the building of the new canoe trailer. Below is a breakdown of expenses.





Trailer Materials


Trailer Accessories


Canoe Cart Materials








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None of this would be possible without the financial support of alumni and friends of PSU. This year, we ask you to consider a financial gift to help the students manufacture the new canoe trailer. Simply click the “Give Now” button to process your gift!

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